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Our Story


“Grumpy Chihuahua Goods” was born out of my love of three very important things:  my dog, my foster son, and my passion for creating gifts for those I love.

My story begins ten years ago when  “Eddie” – a feisty Mexican Chihuahua – stole my heart at a local pet adoption event.  I was amazed at how quickly this little dog filled a gap in my life that I wasn’t even aware of! 

Three years later, through a series of events that only God could have orchestrated, an adorable six-year-old was placed in my home by the Arizona foster care system.  The little boy had no idea what to expect but was quickly greeted by Eddie, who welcomed him with licks and a wagging tail.  Soon, however, Eddie realized that this was not a temporary arrangement:  he was no longer “top dog.”  There were new sounds, fewer walks, and a couch that now had to be shared with the little boy!  My sweet little dog started to become grumpy!

But Eddie’s grumpiness proved to be the glue that bonded my new foster son and me together.  We made up songs, created stories, and invented imaginary stores and restaurants, titling each one “The Grumpy Chihuahua.”


And thus was born “Grumpy Chihuahua Goods,” in honor of the three things most near and dear to my heart!  My hope is to make delicious treats to be shared with loved ones while focusing awareness on foster care.

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